Monday, 22 October 2012

Ground pins

Used in firm ground the Ground pin set can provide additional anchorage points in wide range of remote environments. The basic kit contains 6 pins and a heavy hammer in a carry bag.
Positioned in crescent shape with at least 1m between the pins. The individual Galvanised steel pins should be inserted to full length 600mm and inclined slightly backwards. The pins which are 22mm diameter galvanised mild steel allow for a variety of attachments. Rope can be directly knotted or connected through a lanyard and connector.

The rope layout can be a fixed belay or self equalising. It is important as with all anchorages to monitor the parts for movement and of course avoid shock loads. In soft ground pins have been used "in line" one behind another to further strengthen the anchorage. Removing the pins is easy, as by a simple twisting action they can be pulled free from the ground. We have chalk cliffs near to us at STC and have inserted these pins through the top soil into the chalk beneath to provide a very strong anchor point

A closer picture of the individual pin, connected into a belay system via a short protected lanyard. The picture shows a large Klettersteig karabiner, another option would be to use a delta maillon.

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