Monday, 12 December 2011

RESCOM Communications

I am sure you have all seen, read or used Con Space wire communications, I most certainly have and was very impressed with its performance. However sooner or later something better comes along. I was first introduced to RESCOM by an American friend of mine and what surprised me about this system was that not only was it a full wire communications set but, this system was built into a full specification 11mm diameter kernmantle line! 

The entrants head set with the amplifier box and throat microphone. The Amplifier box has its own AA batteries and volume adjustment

Fully waterproof providing a choice of one or two earphones and a very responsive throat microphone. The system shown here can be worn over a BA face mask head harness comfortably. Also by not now requiring microphone connections directly into the face mask, it does not infringe the certification of the BA set. This can prove costly to have re-certified should adaptions be required to take external communications equipment.

The head harness of RESCOM has a mesh fabric which reduces its profile making it very comfortable and secure when worn beneath a helmet.

The earphone sits nicely between the straps of a Petzl Ecrin, the push fit connectors will easily part if any section of the connecting cable becomes snagged.

The set worn by the communications officer consists of a choice of either a simple headphone set with a boom mike or the choice of the full head set to be worn beneath a helmet if in a hazardous area. The amplifier has its own battery supply, volume adjustment and an on - off switch. As the system is powered at both ends its maximum working length is 1.5Km!
 The Boom mike is noise cancelling and as such must be within 6mm of the operator’s mouth. The entire system is extremely resistant to external interference, allowing it to be used in close proximity with VHF and UHF radios and mobile cell phones. The manufacturing company offer a wide range of interfaces, allowing connection to portable radios or even public telephone systems.

Without a doubt the equipment is special because the entire system utilises an 11mm kernmantle line to carry the wires. The line is as flexible as any line we have used. We have tried a wide range of hardware on the line including several Fig 8 descenders, auto stop descenders, ascenders and Gibbs, prussic loops. We have run the line through pullies and used Z rigs. The rope also takes all the usual knots very well. This rope we recommend, be utilised as your safety line. When ordering, ensure you order long lengths of line to reduce the need for knotting. 

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